April 19, 2019

Some of you might remember that last year Tom tried to walk 1,000 miles with his golden retriever, Zeke, to raise funds for Nellie’s Schoolhouse, but fell short when he had back surgery before his journey was completed. Well, he is back at it! Take a look:

Starting in mid April with his new back, Tom will try it again, but this time he will travel 500 miles to raise money for Nellie’s Schoolhouse and the Talk School in Newtown Square! He would love for individuals, families and dogs to walk with him, so one time per week, everyone will be invited to join him and Zeke as they travel throughout the Philadelphia region.

These locations with their days and times will be posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Tom is also in need of sponsors, so we hope you will support him, Zeke, Nellie’s Schoolhouse and The Talk School on his daily treks. Feel free as well to find corporate and small business sponsors who want to support this worthy cause. Be on the alert for updates as he and Zeke commence their 5-month journey.

The best way to give is to visit the Howling & Hiking page.

Learn More About The Talk School

talk school

Located in Newtown Square, the Talk School is the nation’s most progressive center for the education of children with autism and speech/language disorders. Their teachers, therapists and researchers are at the forefront of a new, more accurate and person-centered understanding of autism – one that presents autism as a sensory-based movement disorder profoundly affecting language, social interaction and praxis.

The Talk School provides intensive occupational and speech therapy to support a full-day systematic, multisensory, language-based curriculum.

For more information, visit The Talk School.

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