April 2, 2020

Nellie's schoolhouse meeting with studentsAlthough we did not have any visits last month, Nellie’s Schoolhouse had a great winter!

We enjoyed connecting with so many wonderful children and young adults.We thank the schools and programs that have strong relationships with us, and we look forward to resuming those partnerships and building new ones.

We are grateful for:

  • A Step Up Academy
  • Hilltop Preparatory School
  • Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence
  • Norwood School
  • The Quaker School at Horsham
  • St. James School
  • The Talk School
  • The Timothy School
  • The Woodlynde School

An Update From Tom Richards & Zeke

The video below shows what Nellie’s Schoolhouse is doing to connect with our partners during these difficult days.

We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Zeke and Tom send you their very best. May light shine brightly through the darkness.

In Memory of George

Golden Retriever George sitting with a bandanna We are sad to tell you that we lost one of terrific therapy dogs, George, a few weeks ago. George, a golden retriever, was loyal, joyful, and a caring friend of Barbara Zuckerman, and the two of them made an outstanding team. George will always be known for his marvelous trick of flipping a treat off his nose and catching it mid-air!

We send our love to Barbara and her family. She and George will always remain an important part of Nellie’s Schoolhouse.

Gus’ Corner

GusGus’ Corner is a new page on our website that was created in memory of Gus, the first therapy dog of Nellie’s Schoolhouse who died at the age of eleven in November 2019. Gus was Tom’s companion when the two of them started to make their initial therapy visits in 2015. Gus will always be remembered as warm, affable, tolerant, patient, loving, and quirky by his family and friends.

Gus’ corner is a place where you can memorialize your own canine friend forever. Your canine companion did not have to be a therapy dog or have special skills, just a sweet dog that you loved. Please send a paragraph description and picture of your dog to trichards1654@gmail.com, and we will place your own canine friend into this sacred place of honor.

We wish you a happy and healthy spring. We are eager to see you all soon!

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