September 13, 2017

Check out our new video!

In it, we discuss the main points about Nellie’s Schoolhouse and how our program influences children’s lives.

Hear from Tom Richards, executive director for Nellie’s Schoolhouse; Nina Roberts, Nellie’s board member and mother of one of our students; Melinda Kotler, executive director for TALK Institute and School; and Kit Feldman, volunteer and board member for Nellie’s.

A Non-Judgmental, Patient Friend

According to Tom Richards, dogs have a profound effect on multiple areas of children’s lives. This is due in part to their ability to stay present in the moment. Dogs have an attitude that says “I think you’re great, no matter what.”

Kit Feldman agrees that dogs have an uncanny ability to give children what they need. Regardless of children’s level of apprehension or fear surrounding dogs, the dogs are able to meet them on the appropriate level.

Thank you to all our volunteers, partners, and board members who participated in making this video!

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